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My Five String Violins

My five-string violins cater for the needs of jazz violinists, folk and traditional fiddlers, as well as many other popular and modern music styles. GF-Luthieria provides a professional quality violin which enable artists to effectively perform their repertoire.

All my violins are handcrafted with carefully selected quality wood. I work methodically and meticulously on each and every one of my instrument.

My stringed instruments combine beauty with exceptional tonal richness. They project a deep, warm  and balanced sound, offering a full acoustic spectrum rich in harmonics, without sacrificing a vibrant  treble range.

These five-string violin are meticulously calibrated and assembled to provide an unparalleled comfort for the performer.

To test one of my violins, you can make an appointment or contact one of our trusted luthiers to try the selected instrument at their workshop.

Qarbonia Violin Shop

Calle de Tribaldos n.12

28043 Madrid


València Violins

Carrer d'Àngel Guimerà n.8 Extramurs 46008 València


Salvador Maura Luthier

Calle Lamana n.5 Bajo

48003 Bilbao


+34 628677644

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