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GF-Luthieria / David González 2023

compas centr.jpg

Personal model inspired by the "Stauffer" viola by Antonio & Girolamo Amati, 1615.

tapa centrada.jpg

This European spruce top, carefully selected for its beauty and resonance, has undergone a forty-year drying process.

fondo centr.jpg

Single-piece Balkan flamed maple back.

regla centr.jpg

The dimensions of this instrument, including the neck, make it an extremely comfortable five-string violin.

ones centr.jpg

It projects a rich and vibrant sound in all registers, producing a wide range of harmonics.

vernis centr.jpg

Brown-orange oil-based varnish.

Ancla 3
Ancla 2

To test one of my violins, you can make an appointment or contact one of our trusted luthiers to try the selected instrument at their workshop.

Qarbonia Violin Shop

Calle de Tribaldos n.12

28043 Madrid


València Violins

Carrer d'Àngel Guimerà n.8 Extramurs 46008 València


Salvador Maura Luthier

Calle Lamana n.5 Bajo

48003 Bilbao


+34 628677644

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